A competitive Intelligence (CI) tool manger is responsible for gathering, analysing, and dispensing intelligence on market relevance for business plan execution regarding products, market conditions, competitors and customers. The CI manager coordinates with the customer during whole process of exploring the intelligence needs with the stake holders until the estimated goals are achieved. Competitive Intelligence helps in growing to be the best in business.

Competitive Intelligence (CI) system helps in understanding the market and analysing where the company stands in market in real-time. So that the future strategies can be planned accordingly. Including others critical surveillance factor vital part of competitive intelligence system, it rectifies every external issue aroused in an organization. But there is a basic difference between the Critical Surveillance Factor (CSF) and information. They might not be from the insides of a business but directly impact its evaluation.

Benefits of Critical Surveillance Factor (CSF) in Competitive Intelligence

  • Always stay ahead: – Have proper information about competitors to stay head of them always. These stats can help an organization understand their weakness and reproduce strengths in their own organisation. Section Competitive Intelligence (CI) works on are client list, marketing campaign components, sales strategies and service differentiators.
  • Market Trend: – It’s an old way to follow the competitors, business today demands disruption. Since businesses are able to trace trends, brand commitments, and other services in marketing. It becomes quite easy to plan how to target your own by monitoring the market and learning about the competitor’s targets and their needs.
  • Opportunity Identification: – Critical Surveillance Factor (CSF) can track possibilities to improve sales. Keep looking for still existing opportunities for the company. It’s important to go through proper business protocol by impression of collected information.

Critical intelligence (CI) system is about learning, analysing and understanding outside relativeness of a business to deal with competition. It help companies to monitor and resolve their regular challenges. Critical Surveillance Factor (CSF) can impact the value cycle of every department in an organization.