Grapevine Social & Media Monitoring...


No More Guessing Grapevine shows you what the market is really saying

Media Exposure lets you track coverage volume over time

Sentiment Analysis gives you comprehensive, real time data to meet your regulatory and competitive needs

Geo PinPoint helps identify geo locations of trending themes, topics

Google Analytics easily digest web traffic trends

Reach identify potential audience across social and business media

Share of Voice easily compare coverage volume for multiple topics

Trending Themes identify surges in topics/themes

Influencers helps identify key influencers

Realtime Alerts notifies any potential problems in real time


Our AI powered Platform intelligently tracks relevant mentions of your brand, partners, competitors and lets you effectively track topics/themes that matter – for you to respond in real time.

C-Suite, Investor Relations, PR & Marketing executives rely on GrapeVine to provide meaningful, actionable insights and to bring your data to life with powerful analytics features

Get an overview of your key metrics – See a clear, concise snapshot from Main media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, to track trends and measure growth.


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