Social media has been most populated these days. People spend half of their time watching, reading or using it as an interacting medium. Social media listening tool is a simple but powerful tool for the average social media marketer. This tool schedule posts in advance on a number of different social platforms. Its analytics tool lets you measure content engagement, so you understand how your campaign is performing. Following are features of social media listening tool.


Being in assimilation with various social media websites the tool must attain real time monitoring capabilities. Listening makes the most of social media, it undertakes insights and review details of your audience.

Sentiment Analysis

It basically helps a business to identify and extracts or categorises the social sentiment content about their brand, product or services. It analyses all incoming messages and results in highlighted sentiment is positive or negative.

Campaign Management

Social media marketing works on a strategized plan. For a plan to be executed properly and efficiently it is important that the tool have a scheduled marketing campaign feature. So that you can schedule the posts on all the platforms from the same screen.


Social media is all about engaging with people. The more you engage more you drive customer base and grow your relations. The tool installed with ability to engage can help grow your activities end eventually your business. Engagements reports demonstrates your growth.


Getting at-a-glance view of overall analysis at a comprehensive dashboard makes it easier. The tool should have a dashboard where you can monitor all the reports and analytics such as social media mentions, monthly trends reports on sentiment, influencer, source, demographics, and their locations.