Business Intelligence (BI) is a tool which helps in transforming big raw data to a contented business useful information. BI analyses market trends to expertize large amount of information for developing new opportunities and helps in planning and executing strategies for business growth. Being a fact centred system, it improves decision making capability.

Compelling benefits of BI

  • Reporting on the basis of research developed data facts are rather more helpful to comprehend business ROI (Return on investment).
  • All of the large amount of data becomes useless if it’s unable to give productive insight information.
  • Business intelligence (BI) helps companies in deploying customer requirements and market’s changing aspects. So that they can improve their performance and build long-terms with customers.
  • It improves efficiency, which in turn amplifies operation and execution productivity within the organisation. This saves time as well.
  • BI assists both sales person and a marketer to keep track of all customers. Covers complete sales cycle having updates of current market along with upcoming targeted markets.
  • Also, it can include competitor’s insights, which fortifies company’s future strategy plans.

Ways to use business intelligence in an organization

  • Inspecting consumer behaviour, buying patterns and market trends.
  • While doing budgeting, planning & forecasting (BP&F) process for an organization’s financial goals.
  • For enhancing financial performance by tracing on going market and foreseeing sales.
  • Improves key performance’s effectiveness. On the basis of web and e-commerce data analytics and risk analysis.